Saturday, March 30, 2013

What's Black and White With a Hint of Brown?

I am lucky and have two mother-in-laws, Marcia and Jeanne.  Jeanne inspired me in my photography and was on my mind when I chose to invest in my big girl camera.  I value her opinion and gratefully accept her hints, tips, and suggestions.  That said, I have revisited a few of the photos in consideration for the owl bathroom and done a little tweaking.  The ones on the left are the original black and whites.

She warned me not to be too heavy handed with the brown tint, and I may have gone too far.  You really can tell a difference, though, from the original black and white.

The contrast gives them more depth, and the details stand out more.  I am sure those are the technical terms.

They also have an aged appearance that I like.

I have not picked the photos I plan to print yet, but I will be playing with them more in PicMonkey to get the right amount of tint before I do.  (Note to self:  put Photoshop on my Christmas list)   I see a light at the end of the tunnel with this project!  Though I love the outdoor shots, I have so many in other galleries around the house.  I think I will stick with an old Texas theme here.  I have not been out on a Vanishing Texas  trip in a long time (click on the Texas Towns label on the right sidebar to see other trips I've made) and this may just inspire me to get back on the road.