Friday, March 22, 2013

Texas Wildflowers, We Got 'Em

I truly have a wildflower meadow in my front yard.  It's early, but already you can tell it's going to be a great year for our Texas wildflowers.  Enough talk.

And do you remember the trellis Breck and I built waaay back on July 17th, 2011 (No Screws, No Nails)?

 Probably not, it was 2 years ago.  Well, we built it out of sticks from the property and grapevine that we pulled from the trees.  When it was finished, Breck planted a Trumpet Vine for me (Let My Trumpet Vine Bloom), but with the drought we did not expect much.  This year for the first time we are getting flowers. 

And judging from the number of blossoms on the vine, we are going to get lots of them.

Honestly, I thought the vine was dead.   It's gonna be a great spring.