Friday, March 15, 2013

Pulling The Living Room All Together - Chapter 5

I got a welcome phone call this morning from a shipping company in Houston saying that they had a package for me.  I could have waited until Monday to have it delivered, but I really just couldn't wait (and I didn't want to have to take the day off work to wait for it), so I made the 2 hour drive to pick it up.  On the way I stopped in and had a quick lunch with mom (thanks!).

What was the package?  A huge rug for my (our) living room.  It's a huge rug (9'3" x 13' 1"), so it hung out the back of my car by a few feet.  I was happy that the nice guy who loaded it for me also wrapped the end in red plastic so other drivers would see it.  He also tied down the trunk for me so it wouldn't bounce.

It was so well tied that I swear it did not move an inch during the drive.

It was quite a bit of work to get it out of the trunk and into the house.  Once I got the plastic off and the tube out of the center, I was more than pleased with the rug.  Breck is going to love it when he gets home and sees it has arrived.

Before the reveal, let me remind you what the room looked like before.

Ta-Da!  I know the style is a bit unexpected.  I usually think of braided rugs as being more country or Americana., but I really think it works here.

It is so beautiful and looks great with the furniture.

What do you think?

The colors could not be more perfect.

I guess it's time to take the tags off the furniture now that it is beginning to feel like a real room I want to spend time in.

Rudy approves.

Now I need to get so accessories in there and figure out how I want all these pillows I have to work.