Sunday, March 17, 2013

One Last Project for Spring Break: Paint

Spring Break is coming to an end.  Truly, I enjoyed myself immensely   I hosted a great meal with the ladies from the block, had dinner with my neighbors next door (deadly good margaritas), and had lunch with my mom out of town.  I picked up a rug for my living room, rearranged furniture, altered an old dresser with cute new hardware, and got several new Dear Jane blocks sewn.  I got to see my friend Allie's home, attended my friend Krystina's wedding, but missed seeing my friend Beth's new bundle of joy (not sure if I was suffering a cold or allergies, so I played it safe and stayed away).  And I will never forget my hike at Lake Somerville State Park and the wonder puppy companion I had.

But it's Sunday and I'm not done milking my break for all it's worth yet.   My half bath needs major attention.  Here are the before shots.

Bad, right?  Boring, the color does nothing for the space, and I am uninspired as to how to decorate.  One trip to Benjamin Moore would solve all my worries.  I picked up 3 gallons of paint.  No, the project won't take that much, but I can (and will) use the left overs somewhere else.

I started with a base coat of Stonington Grayy and admit I was tempted to stop there.  I love the color.  It makes the room look so much brighter and bigger.

I got over it though, and taped off bands to be 11 1/4" wide.  The wide ones will be painted with Edgecomb Gray .

I wish I could get a truer color picture of how this looks.  I love it.

One more color to go.  A nice Wedgewood Gray in a single strip at the top. Why?  Because I didn't want to go all the way to the ceiling (small room and wanted to keep a better scale), and I needed a place to paint some owls.  You heard right.  Owls.  I will trace them off with my graphite paper after the paint is thoroughly dry.  I'm thinking I will paint them brown, but I'll take my paint swatches with me to the store tomorrow after work (Spring Break is over, remember) to get a good match.  Maybe a charcoal gray would be nice.

I am excited about how it is coming together.  Sorry to leave you hanging.  Stay tuned for the finished product.