Saturday, March 16, 2013

Knobs Too Cute To Pass Up

I was in Hobby Lobby this morning to pick up some upholstery fabric (more on that another day), and I came across these guys.

So stinkin' cute, right?  And you know I love to get things on sale.   They were 50% off so I just had to have them.  I love the one with the buttons and knew exactly where I would use them.

I had cleaned out my sewing room this week; moved some furniture around and some new pieces in.  The comfy chair and ottoman were in my bedroom at my old house and has been moved from room to room here in the new one, not finding a good home until now.

Those brass knobs just didn't go with the cozy feel I am moving towards in here, so finding these cute ones was perfect timing.

Love.  Though I think I am going to move the top ones to the bottom and the small button ones to the top.

The little things can make me sew so happy.