Sunday, February 10, 2013

Village Creek State Park Visit

Friday afternoon at 3:00pm, I called my husband from work to see if he was up for packing a bag when he got home from work.  As usual he was up for an adventure, and only asked where he should book a hotel. 

After a good rest and filling breakfast, we drove a short way to Lumberton, Texas to find Village Creek State Park. It's a forest with lots of swamp areas.  No rocks and hills, just flat land with towering pines and sandy soil.

Some parts of the trail are near impassable.  Unless, you're Breck, determined, and wearing great shoes.

You can tell by the photos that it was another cloudy, winter day.  It doesn't make for the best pictures, but the scenery was beautiful.  I couldn't resist the water reflection shots.  And yest, this is the trail.  We saw only 2 other people on the hike, and they turned back at this "puddle."

I took lots of plant photographs with my macro.

Dried Seed Pods
I think this is scale.  These guys were about 1/4" wide each.
Lichen on tree in Village Creek State Park
Lichen.  Look close and see tiny black spores sprouting. 
Orange Mushrooms in the sand at Village Creek State Park
Tiny orange mushrooms pushing up through the sand. 
Yellow mushroom in Village Creek State Park
Yellow mushroom
Dried flower heads
Surprisingly, we found evidence of spring . . . on February 9th . . . the same day as record snow fell in the New England.

There were a lot of mosquitoes which surprised me at this time of year.  I took one for the team here.  Funny, though, that all the mosquitoes were in the pine forest and not in the swamp.

Mosquito biting me in Village Creek State Park

Butterflies?  Yes.  We saw a few different kinds, but I only got a shot of this one.

Village Creek State Park butterfly

We stopped along the way to enjoy the birds.  They were all around us in the tree tops.

One last glimpse of the pine forest and I'll show you the black swamp.

Grapevine on pine straw in Village Creek State Park
Grapevine will grab onto anything
Look at those wings and eyes
Now the swamp.  Cypress trees replace the pine here.

Cypress Swamp in Village Creek State Park

The water was so black.  And no, it didn't smell.

Black water in Cypress Swamp in Village Creek State Park

These are Cypress knees.  They are all over the swamp.  The pictures above have knees in them as well.  The knees are part of the root that comes up to the surface and bend back down to the soil.  They are so hard.  I have a bruise on my leg from walking into one I didn't see.

Cypress Kness in black water in Village Creek State Park
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Breck got a little adventurous as Brecks sometimes will.

I opted to sit back and enjoy the show.  Actually, I'm waiting for him to fall in.  I didn't want to miss the shot.

We went to another park on our way home, but I'll show you that one later this week.  I have a sewing project in mind that I really want to get a start on.  And for the record, Breck didn't fall.

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