Sunday, February 3, 2013

Lamps For The Master And Other Goodies

Last summer I got serious about getting the master bedroom decorated.  I got as far as the pictures on the walls (One Gallery Down) and stopped short of a new pair of lamps. (Wow, is Kracken out!)

You have to admit that the ones I had on the nightstands are WAY too small for the space.

Lamps are so expensive though, and I tend to be a little apprehensive when it comes to spending money.  A few of the friends I have shopped with (Diane and Barbara) will tell you that I can fill a cart with things I want for the house, but by the time we make it to the check out counter, I have put most items (if not all in most cases) back on the shelves.  I guess the key is shopping with my husband.  Crazy, right?  I need to shop WITH my husband to spend money.  Yesterday we took a trip to town and found a pair of lamps we thought would be great.  I did turn the lamps around after taking this picture.  I like them angling up toward the inside versus down.

The size was right, the black metal and green toned slate was great, and I love the trapezoid shades.

And oh my gosh!  I knew my old lamps were too small, but they are positively dwarfed by the new ones.  (See how I turned the lamp around from the first photo?)

I will change out the light bulbs.  When we bought them they had bulbs in them, but I don't like the yellow light and the wattage is a little low for night reading.  Darn (insert smiley face), a trip to Home Depot.

I tested out the light using a bulb from another lamp in the house.  The one on the right is much more yellow.  Excuse the dust on the lens.  I have since cleaned it.

The best part about the lamps?  We got them on a major sale at 50% off.  Ahhhh.  We made a few other purchases, but those are bigger and won't be delivered until March 7th.  I can give you a hint though.  I didn't wait to win the lottery (Finally! I Have Found My Muse.)  But one goody we brought home with us, and I am very excited about it.  You may not notice it at first, but it is the oak branch on my newly painted display.  (I still love the black in the daylight, by the way.)

It's metal and tall and I can use it anywhere in my house, moving it on a whim from the dining table, mantle, coffee table, or to where it is now.

It seems a decorating theme is coming together and I couldn't be happier.