Saturday, February 16, 2013

Heading Out of Town

This was my "get as far out of town as possible" weekend as my house is taken over by Guy's Poker Weekend.  This has become an annual tradition for my husband and his friends.  This year I headed for Victoria, Texas to take in the local park and break into my new felt.  Breck programmed the GPS in the car to take me the back-road-country-route.  I had to stop along the way and get a picture of the wildflowers which have already begun to pop up.

This was outside Cat Springs, Texas.  Love the name.

After checking into the hotel, I made my way to the local park.  The weather was beautiful.

I know what these are . . .  more Cypress knees.
I know what this is, too . . . American Coot!
A couple Red Ear Turtles
The duck on the right looks just like Daffy.
Before heading back to the hotel, I picked up a few supplies at Hobby Lobby so I could begin a felt project, including a new pair of reading glasses (left mine at home).

I chose to work on a quiet book page - Cooking Breakfast.  But first, you must check out my 108 colors of felt.  Love.

I started with the banana and simple blanket and running stitches.

The stitches took on a weird color in the shadow, but it doesn't look like this in person.

One piece down, several more to go, but how fun is this?  Tomorrow I'm off to the Goose Island State Park in Rockport on the coast.  I kinda like Guy's Poker Weekend.