Saturday, February 2, 2013

Back With The Black

I woke up this morning, the primer was dry, the light coming in was bright, a perfect day to finish up my black book/display/room divider project.  Coat one.

I bought flat paint, but it was very shiny when wet.  I wasn't scared a bit.

It only took two coats which is amazing for black paint, but I had used a tinted primer and I think that made a huge difference.

Of course by now it is night time and there are a lot of shadows in the house.  It makes doing this job justice in photographs difficult.  But honestly, I couldn't wait until tomorrow to share.

I love that the black draws your attention to a few of my favorite things.  Breck and I bought this bowl on our fall cruise in Canada.  And the geodes on the bottom shelf are from a Father's Day trip to the museum a few years back.  It was the last time the boys were both here to celebrate with us.

I also have this beautiful box and turned bowl that my father-in-law crafted for us.  Again, the lighting and the fact I don't use a flash means these photos are not the best.

You can see, though, that the paint did in fact dry flat.  Love it.  I also love the shopping trip Breck and I made to town today.  We made some fun purchases that I'll share with you tomorrow.

How it all got started:

A Touch of Black