Friday, February 1, 2013

A Touch of Black

As I do more decorating in the house, I find myself drawn more and more towards black accents.  Once I decided that I wanted a touch of black in each room, I knew exactly how I wanted to add black to the front entry.  

I had a head start with the black frames in the dining room, and the foyer's state park photos and Texas map.

What do you think about my painting the back of the bookshelves black?

I tend not to think too hard about projects like this.  I jump in all the way, right away, knowing it is only paint and can be changed if I don't like the results.

Simple project, really.  I took out the shelves with all our collections, taped off the sides and pulled out the gray tinted primer left over from the pantry door project.

I know, I see the dust too, but I had to put something here to keep Kracken from climbing in and trying to pull the blue tape down.  He loves playing with the painter's tape. Weirdo.

I'll let it dry over night and get the black on tomorrow.  So excited!