Tuesday, January 29, 2013

State Park Photo Gallery Wall Gets A Start

We now have six pins on our state park map (An Anniversary Present).  Enough parks and enough photos to begin decorating the rest of the wall the map hangs on.

Not many tools needed for this job, just a few picture hanging hooks and a hammer.

I placed small, felt disks on the back of the frames in each corner to help keep them from shifting when the front door is opened and closed.

With a white chalk pencil I wrote the name of the park where the photograph was taken on the black mat.

My favorite park photo is of a very large alligator at Brazos Bend State Park.
 I deliberately chose black thinking it would show off the pictures better than a white mat would.

Black Vulture in a lichen covered tree at Guadalupe River State Park
Three photos were enough to get a start on the gallery.

View from the top at Lost Maples State Park
It will make quite the conversation starter in the front foyer.

Can't wait for Breck and me to head out to another park to get more photos for the wall.