Sunday, January 27, 2013

Party At The Feeder!

I set my camera on a tripod in the front yard this morning on a whim.  I know, I know.  Weird, huh?  I was curious to see if I could get any good shots of birds coming and going from the feeder.  Wow, was I surprised.  I am no bird expert, and so many of the species look alike making identification difficult, but I must have had a dozen different types of birds come in for breakfast this morning.  These are stills taken from video, so the quality isn't the best, but you get the idea.  9 birds are represented.

From left:  2 Pine Siskins and 3 Chipping Sparrows
From left:  Red-Bellied Woodpecker and American Goldfinch
Keep in mind that all these guys came within a 30 minute period of time.

Tufted Titmouse
From left:  Clay-Colored Sparrow, Yellow-Throated Vireo, and  Chipping Sparrow
The sounds of all the different birds calling to each other and singing was quite amazing.  If you watch even part of the video below you can hear their songs.

Northern Cardinal
Carolina Chickadee
After watching the video repeatedly, I must say my favorite part is the woodpecker throwing out the small seeds to get to the big sunflower seeds.