Monday, January 14, 2013

Guadalupe River State Park Part II

I told you that the photos of prairies and oak forests were only part of the story of Guadalupe River State Park.  The lower end of the park runs alone the river, bordered by cypress trees and granite walls.

I can only imagine how amazing it may look when spring comes and the green leaves burst out.  And look at those tree trunks!

I can see why it is such a draw for tubers and boaters.  I would love to drop in just about anywhere along the river.

Looking at the roots reminds me of a fairy tale nightmare the way the twist around each other looking almost alive.

 I wish there had been sun.  Any sun.  The colors under the cloudy skis made for washed out photos that I know would pop with a little sun and shadow.

Part of the draw for Breck and me was a talk given by Doris Mager on owls and other predator birds.

This Horned Owl was so tame.

His name was ET, and he LOVED to be petted.  Can you believe this?  He would roll his head all around to be petted right where he wanted.

And this Screech Owl was the cutest thing ever, though very tricky to get out of his cage.  Does anybody else remember the Screech Owl scene in My Cousin Vinnie?

Doris had no fear, and very obviously loved the birds.  She travels the country giving talks.  She had some great stories.

This guy was camera shy.

I hate to end the post with a picture of a bird with his back to the camera, so I'm not.  Do you recognize this, friends?

It's a colony of red ants.  How about a close-up.

Has anybody else out there seen the movie Them?  It's a classic.

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