Thursday, January 31, 2013

Finally! I Have Found My Muse.

There is so much more to building a "custom" home than creating a floor plan that is uniquely yours.  Been there, done that.  The part of  "custom" I am struggling with, and have been for 2 years and 4 months, is making the space reflect my family's style, personality, and the things we love.  For example, my living room is filled with furniture from our old house which was completely different.  The sectional couch is from the media room and the chairs are from the master bedroom sitting area and they just don't work in the space or with each other.

But then I found inspiration.  The room below is in a home in Montana with a beautiful vista and natural element decor.  I'm in Texas,so the mountain lodge look wouldn't work here, but the room dimensions and view are so similar.  To break down how I can use this as inspiration, look at the furniture placement.  Love.  Now all I need is a bench, 4 chairs, 1 sofa, a game table, coffee table, 2 small end tables, and 2 lamps.

I found this at Houzz.  It's a great sight for finding ideas.  Here are a few more inspiration photos I found.  I love the framed prints in the background of this room.  Something like that would be fun to make and look great in my guest suite.

We have a small office and  we would like to use it more than we do.  A table like this in front of the fireplace would be perfect with a chair.

The chair in the last photo wouldn't work, but this high backed one would.

I just need to win the lottery and finish paying college tuition and I can get started.  Well, maybe it wont' be that long.