Saturday, January 26, 2013

Felt Cat Toy For My Boys

My ladybugs are coming along nicely.  I now have 10 finished, and several more in various stages of completion.  It has left my craft area a mess, and me in need of a break.

I made a little bird pattern with some scrap paper and decided to try my hand at making a little cat toy for my Inhibitors with some of the leftover felt.

I had spent some time in the morning pulling some old clothes for Goodwill, but found a few I wanted to use in crafts projects, including this cute skirt and its tie.

The knotted end of the tie was a perfect hangy thing for the birds tail.  Cats love the hangy things.

I whipped it in place with a little thread making sure not to go all the way through.

A heart made a great wing blanket stitched onto one side.  I must have Valentine's Day on the brain.

By this time Kracken had gotten curious about the goings ons and planted himself right in the middle of things.  I threw a little scrap of felt on the floor and he was easily distracted so I could get back to my bird.

I started around the edge of the bird (I had a front and a back with wrong sides together) with a simple running stitch, but before going all the way, I tucked a little fiber fill and catnip into the opening.

Rudy showed up and I gave him a sniff.

 That was all it took for him to decide that it was his, and off he went.

Kracken didn't agree, and promptly stole it (do I need to give the guy a name?) and took off down the hall.

Don't worry.  Rudy got it back.  Pretty sure that look says L O V E.

And pretty sure I need to make another one.

Here are a couple short videos if you would like to see more.