Sunday, January 20, 2013

Breakfast in the Great Outdoors

Breck and I have never had neighbors that we became close with.  We have made wonderful, long lasting, friendships with folks from the neighborhoods we have lived in (shout out to the Zalewskis, for one), but when it came to the people next door, we just never did.  Our new neighborhood is much different.  We truly have some of the best people ever on either side of us.

This weekend our friends Peggy and Bill (our east side, sunrise neighbors) invited us over for a neighbors cowboy and cowgirl breakfast.

Peggy got things going with the bacon.

Oh my gosh, the smell of bacon outdoors on a cool morning was fabulous!

Then Bill got some rolls going in the kettle.  Look at that dough rise.  A little honey and yum.

While the rolls and bacon did their thing, we enjoyed some hot coffee, mimosas, and current event conversation.

The smell of bacon kept their dog Katie close by on the chance someone would take pity and slip her a bite.  Sorry, Katie.

Lucy (1/2 or our west side, sunset neighbors) tended the bacon so every slice was perfect.  PERFECT.  Bill and Mike agreed.

The bacon crisped up nicely and it was time to get some eggs going.

Reily (the other half of the west side, sunset couple) braved hot smoke in the eyes and was flipping eggs like a pro.  And boy was that grease hot!

When all the food was good to go, we pulled back up to the table by the fireplace and devoured the goodies.

I brought some Snickerdoodle Scones for a sweet bread . . .

. . . and some Bacon Cheddar Biscuits that I added 4 green onions to for a savory one.

Lucy and Reily brought some sausage from a town outside San Antonio (wish I could remember more than it starting with the letter L) that was so spicy and good.

And the berries were so ripe and fresh.

So glad I had my macro lens on me.  Have you ever seen a strawberry and its seeds this close-up?

I must confess, after a 4 hour breakfast event, I was ready for a nap.

This was not my first adventure with the neighborhood ladies.  See my post A Trip to the Hives.