Friday, January 18, 2013

Blanco State Park

Last weekend, after we had finished our time at Guadalupe River State Park, we headed over to Blanco, TX.  I figured a lot of you might be over seeing all my nature pictures of our park trips, so I postponed this entry so you could get a break.  Did you like the Turkey Chili and ladybugs?

Blanco State Park surprised me.  It's right in the middle of town with many homes backing up to in on both sides with gates for residents to enter the park directly.

I am sure the kids experiencing their childhood along the park are accumulating wonderful stories of adventures along the water and trails.  You can see from this trail photo that the river at one time must have been several feet higher from the erosion of the rock.

Amazing that anything can grow here when you see the density of the rock.

This tree went to great lengths to find what it needed to survive.  Look at those roots!

The variety of trees was also a surprise.  I have no idea what these are, but each is so different from the other in texture and color.

From top left:  Oak, Arizona Ash, Black Willow, and Ash Juniper (Cedar)

There was more color here that at Guadalupe.  These ferns and palms were vibrant against the rock.

My brother has this plant on his property.  I find I know very little about our native Texas plants.  I don't know what this is either.

I imagine that this would have been a beautiful picture with the leaves in full fall mode, but I still love the naked tree branches reflecting on the water.  Such a pretty spot.

This was a great short hike before heading home.  Now our map has 6 pins and I need to find some pictures from our trips to print and hang with it in our foyer.

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