Sunday, January 13, 2013

Another Pin For Our Map: Guadalupe River State Park

Friday afternoon, Breck and I packed our suitcases (a Christmas gift from Breck's dad Tig and stepmother Jeanne) and headed to Boerne, TX for the night.  First thing Saturday morning we made our way to Spring Branch, TX to visit the Guadalupe River State Park.

It is so interesting making these trips in the winter with most of the deciduous leaves gone.

The silvery-green color on the branches of the oaks above is lichen.  So beautiful, but so bad for the trees over time.  I can honestly say, I have never seen so many types before.

There has been a lot of rain here of late, so the open areas were very muddy.  My shoes must have weighed 6 pounds apiece.

On the upside, the mud was great for spotting animal tracks:  raccoon, bobcat, hogs, grey fox, deer, coyote, and squirrel.

And the rain made for a great opportunity to take more shots with my macro lens.  I love water pictures.

My ever faithful camera-bag-carrier-guy enjoyed the bird watching.

He spotted a pair of black vultures in a tree (more lichen) overlooking the Guadalupe River far below.

The view was so peaceful and the fact that we seemed to be the only ones in the park didn't hurt either.

It's Texas, so of course there were cactus.

Loved this little cactus growing out of a rock.  It was small, only an inch and half in diameter.

 There were many plants we found growing in the smallest of spaces and under the most difficult of conditions.  This plant was no more that a quarter inch wide, somehow growing in a tiny hole in another rock.  Yeah!  Another macro opportunity.

And can you spot the cuteness on this oak tree?

No, I don't mean the heart, but that is cute too.  I'll give you a hint.

Need more?  It's a centipede   So small.  And honestly, I would not have noticed him if I had not spotted the heart where the bark had peeled off the tree.  See the spider web, too?

And since the heart was cute too . . .

 Don't worry.  The writing is only on the photo, not the tree.

I know this is a long post and I have so much more to share.  This was only the upper part of the park.  Tomorrow I will share our experience at the lower river portion and the beautiful owls we saw.

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