Sunday, December 2, 2012

Vanishing Texas Vanished

I did a post earlier this year about a great old church in Alto, Texas that had seen better days (Vanishing Texas).  I think I actually got a little sentimental about it.  Here is how she appeared in 2004 in photo from Texas Escapes.

Here she was on February 9, 2012 overgrown and abandoned.

Here is all that remains on this day.

This sad stairway used to lead to the church.

How many brides came down these steps to start a new life?  How many mourners walked up them to say goodbye?  How many potluck dinners, baptisms, choir practices? When did people stop using these steps?
And a small section that had been connected to the church in back that may have been used for Sunday school or meetings.

I had taken one of my favorite photos in this building back in February.

Aside from the front steps, not much remains of the main sanctuary.  Just a hint of a brick cornerstone and some wall beams.

A crumbling stone and brick foundation covered in packed soil and pine stained clay.

And a few shards of window glass.

I'm so glad I took photos when I did.  I have taken a lot of pictures of old buildings over the past year since getting my big girl camera.  I knew those buildings would not stand forever in their state.  I did not expect, however, one to fall so soon.