Monday, December 17, 2012

The Cookie Exchange 2012

I had a lot to be worried about before the party today.  I didn't get all the cleaning done that I wanted to.  I knew this would be embarrassing, and it was.  I survived though.  I would have done more, but there just wasn't time.  Then there was the last minute, mandatory faculty meeting that was unexpectedly called.  Normally I would have had time to get home and get things cooking before everyone arrived, but that wasn't to be.  So there it is.  My little chunk of stress.  In the end it all worked out.

Of all the foods I made, it seems the two biggest hits were the Asian Meatballs (not sure I warmed these up enough, though they were cooked in advance) and the Bacon Wrapped Chicken.

The Bacon Cheeseburger Puffs were good too.

And though this is not the best photo ever, I get to show you the tags my mom had given me last year.  Cute little guys I can write the food item on and it washes off with a dry towel.

This salad has not recipe.  It's just a can of black beans, some thawed frozen corn, cilantro, red onion, cumin, salt, jalapeno, and garlic.  Good served with the chips, but would have been better with some chopped tomatoes.

I have made these skewers before.  Another easy go-to appetizer of cheese filled tortellini, tomatoes, basil leaves, and green pepper drizzled with Italian dressing.

These Apple-Nut Blue Cheese Tarts were the biggest disappointment.  Loved the filling, great flavor, but I didn't like the hard tart shells.  I think this filling would be great rolled in a crescent roll before baking, and in fact will try that next time.

Made these Smores on a whim last minute.  This is another one of those next-time-will-be-different things.  I would do this in smaller servings using mini marshmallows, and I'll make sure to melt the chocolate a little more so it gets smooth for dipping.

These were a hit as well.  Pudding Cakes.  Nice because I could make them in advance.

Enough of the food I made (forgot to photograph the Crab Cakes), on to the cookies.  The stars of the show.

Everyone did such an amazing job, not just with their recipes, but their presentations.

And yes, the cookies were pretty fabulous as well.

We had a nice mix of chocolate, fruit, and nut treats.

I think there was something for everyone to love.

And everyone got a copy of the recipes.

In the end, we circled the table, taking our share of the yummies.

Great way to end the night.  Thanks, ladies.  Shall we do it again next year?