Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cookie Exchange Treats

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The Cookie Exchange date is quickly approaching.  In fact, it's Monday.  This weekend, therefore, is totally devoted to getting things ready: the house, the food, the beverages, and the treats.  If you have been following me since last Christmas, you may remember that I made Christmas clipboards for everyone to take the recipes home on.

This year I found some cute Christmas spatulas to tie the recipe cards to.  

They went together quickly once I got all the tools together.

I threaded the wire twist tie from the bows through the holes I punched in the cards.

A quick twist around the handle held it in place.

Then I added another wire ribbon around to give it a little more cuteness.

Now they are finished, just waiting for the tablescape to come together so they can be displayed.

I also made the Asian Meatballs that will be one of the appetizers I plan to serve.  I made a lot, so I tested them out on Breck.  They got his approval.

I also made some great Chocolate Peppermint Biscotti.

I'll tell you more about this tomorrow.

It's part of a bigger picture.

For now I'm done, but there is a lot to do tomorrow.