Friday, December 28, 2012

Clean-Up and Macro

Yes, I'm sorry to say, that is my kitchen.  That is the result of finished off left-overs and piled up Christmas decorations.  Be thankful this post isn't about laundry!

Why on earth am I showing you this mess and the water stained granite?

Because my mother gave me a great stone polish that got everything shining.  Look at the reflections.

Look closely at this one.  You can hardly tell where the counter ends because of the perfect light reflections in the counters.  Love it.  Thanks, mom.

Another mom (and dad) thank you goes out for this beautiful glass bowl.  It could be used as a bird bath outside, but I believe it would be knocked over by pigs or a raccoon, and opted to keep it indoors.

Now a shout out for my husband who got me the macro lens I have wanted for my camera.  I can get so close to my subject without zooming or losing detail.



Closer.  You can even see the tiny scratches and bubbles in the glass.

Oh, am I going to have fun with this lens in the spring when everything begins blooming and the bugs come out.  Can't wait.  Thanks, Hon.