Monday, November 5, 2012

Texas Renaissance Festival Weekend

It is a little later than I had planned to post the pictures of my house, (see Happy Halloween) but better late than never.  The first was taken the day we closed with the bank and the second 2 years later.  Maybe soon I will get to the inside pictures.  That would be a real boost since I feel like I have been in a creative slump lately.

On another note, yesterday Breck and I went to yet another festival (and not the last).  This time it was the Texas Renaissance Festival in Todd Mission, Texas.  We met some old friends from Dallas and really had a great time.

We arrived early as they were just opening their gates.  The weather was perfect.

There were a lot of shows including a wonderful mime (yes, there are good ones), a talented group of musicians,

belly dancers entertaining the diners,

and a great Birds of Prey exhibition.

Of course there was lunch as well.  Food on a stick at a festival is always a given.  Here it was steak.

There were plenty of striking plants to photograph, so of course I did.  You know me, right?

And plenty of striking people as well.

There were games to play like "hit the guy with rotten tomatoes."  Go Tracy and Breck!

The guys also had their palms read.  Such interesting entertainment.

There were rides for the kiddos . . .

and grown-up kiddos.  Ahhh.  A relaxing end to a long, but wonderful, day.

Next weekend is the 1st Pecan Harvest Festival in Caldwell and the week after that in Brenham is the last Poinsettia Festival before being taken over by a whole seller.  Tis the season.