Saturday, November 17, 2012

Scones and Kolaches and Biscuits. Oh My!

Thanksgiving is coming!  I am not hosting a big Ta Do like last year; instead family and friends are heading to my brother's land to camp.  We have done this before and had a great time.  Since this is the last weekend before we load up the car and head for east Texas, I needed to get some cooking done. I have 2 dinners (one being Thanksgiving), one lunch, two breakfasts, and some snacks to pull together.  Today I aimed to get breakfast done.

First, I pulled up a recipe from Keeping Life Creative for Bacon Cheddar Biscuits.  Oh my!  I cut them into squares instead of the usual rounds so I would not over work the dough and they would get fluffy.  The one change I made to the recipe was sprinkling some coarse ground black pepper on the egg wash before baking.

Then I worked on Cranberry Orange Scones from  Honestly, I didn't know that cranberries had little seeds in them and such a great looking inside.  You learn something new everyday.

Some reviewers complained these needed more flour, but that depends on the texture you prefer.  I made them as directed and found that dropping them on the cookie sheet they baked up soft and light.  You could add more flour if you like a more formal shape and denser texture.  I could go either way.  I doubled the recipe and made 21 large scones.

Since I was on a roll, I decided to make some more sausage and cheese kolaches.  They freeze so well and also would be perfect for the trip.  All in all, a great morning in the kitchen.

I had a little extra kolache dough, cheese and bacon, so I slipped in a special mini kolache for my breakfast treat.

So now that breakfasts are out of the way (with plenty of extras for the freezer), I can relax and enjoy this beautiful weather we are having here today and plan the other meals.