Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving By The Fire

Now that most of my online Christmas shopping is done, laundry from the weekend cleaned and stowed, and my house is on the clean side of making me happy, it's time to update you on Thanksgiving Unplugged.  The fall color was brilliant again this year and you know how much I LOVE fall.  I could link you here to every fall post I have ever made to prove it, but you know.

Of course, there was coffee on the fire every morning for the early risers.

Entertainment was found in simple pleasures.

There was plenty to do.  There were ATVs for riding on the trails,

a tire swing for the kids (and not so young kids),

and some folks took in some target shooting.

Amy took some time to prepare some of her fabulous Christmas wreaths.  So cute.

Do you know what Frisbee Golf is?  There was a little of that, too.

The food, as always is the case when you cook on a campfire, was amazing.  Ed deep fried a couple turkeys.

Most of the side dishes were cooked in the coals including my packets of sweet potatoes, stuffing, and veggies.

Here is the ham I made in packets in advance.  I used two sheets of foil to help insulate the food from burning, but also so I could unwrap the outside first, removing the ash, so I could then upon the inner layer.  Learned by doing here.  Poor Cameron got a bit of ash in his food.

The sweet potatoes were very good too, though I would cook them for only 25-30 minutes next time instead of the suggested 40.  The pineapple juice (left over from the ham above) kept the apple and potatoes looking great with no browning.  The brown in the picture is cinnamon.

The turkey in packets. (Thanksgiving Unplugged) came out good as well.  Next time more gravy, and less cook time.  Dani's, with no turkey, got a little burned not having the meat on the bottom to provide a barrier to the direct heat.  I would put hers on the grill next time and not in the coals.  The fresh herbs I threw on before pouring the gravy really made it smell great.

We didn't have a traditional pecan pie, but Dani brought some upside down pecan cupcakes to share.  And yes, I did get the recipe.  She was kind enough to share.

After the feast we all hung out around the fire.

How will we top this next year?