Saturday, November 3, 2012

It's Only Paint

I am not shy of color, especially when it comes to paint.  I painted a sports quilt on one son's wall and tiger stripes on another's.  I've painted Yankee pinstripes and flowers on ivy.  I have had red walls, green walls, brown, blue, and pink walls.  It's just paint.  If I ever tire of a color I just paint over it.  "But what about resale?" you may ask.  Well.  I have sold 3 houses with no problem each taking between 2 weeks and less than a day with a good Realtor.  So no, I am not scared paint will ever be a problem.  Insert new project here.

That's the door from my garage into my house.  Boring.  I have really wanted a new project lately and chose to spiff up this entrance.  The supplies I needed were easy enough to gather:  primer, black paint, graphite paper, some small brushes, and Microsoft Word.

I used Word to print out a banner that said "Welcome Home."  It was too long for one sheet of paper so I printed it onto two and taped them together.  After that I planned to trim a straight edge across the top, but as soon as I laid out the paper and ruler Rudy (Inhibitor #1) jumped up and made himself comfortable.  His sweet tail was right in my way.  Such is the life of a pet owner whose pets love them.  Lucky (but frustrated) me.

I did get it trimmed and marked the center so I could line it up on the door.

I used painters tape (oops, not in my supply list above) to layer the graphite paper and banner for tracing.

I started out using a ball point pen to trace my letters, but soon wished I still had the NASA Zero Gravity Pen that Santa had brought me 35 years ago and had to switch over to a pencil.

Ta-Da.  My markings transferred fine.  The door is a little smudgy from putting pressure on the graphite paper, but that will come off when the paint is set and I can give the whole door a good wipe down.

I used some of the primer left over from my Chalkboard Pantry Door assuming it would make the project easier in the long run.  Glad I did.

I am a righty, so I worked from right to left so as not to smear the graphite markings.  At this point I could already tell I was going to like it.

It took 2 coats of black after the primer and I may do a few little edge touch ups, but it is finished and I love it.

I'll let the paint cure for a few days before cleaning off the stray marks.  What do you think?
Now when Breck and I come home from work we will be greeted with a warm welcome, as will the family and friends who visit and prefer this entry to the front door.  Mi casa es su casa.