Sunday, November 25, 2012

Home Grown Tangerines and a Thank You

This is not the Thanksgiving post you may be expecting.  I took over 1,000 pictures with many to share, but have not had the time to get them ready, or to pick which ones made the grade.  Instead I'm going to tell you about my wonderful neighbor, Peggy, who brought me some home grown tangerines from her father's place. They looked so amazing in the bag with their leaves still intact.

They looked even prettier in a bowl.

I saw this great way to peel an orange on Pinterest.  Cut a little off both ends.

Then a small slit in the peel.  Don't go all the way through.

Then you just fold it open and separate the segments.

They just pop right off the peel.  How pretty is that?  And no peel to get caught under your fingernails.

Thanks, Peggy.  They are so sweet and delicious.

As long as I am being thankful, I would love to mention some other people who are fantastic.  My brother and his wife Jane for letting us use their land for Thanksgiving.  My mom and dad for their generosity.  And all the other friends and family who came to camp and made it a wonderful Thanksgiving.