Thursday, November 29, 2012

An Anniversary Present

Today is my 27th wedding anniversary.  Well, I share it with Breck.  We celebrated last night with a nice dinner in town and came home to find this large box waiting for us on the porch.

We knew what was inside contained no glass.  It was a gift for each other that we had agreed upon weeks before.

It goes along with our purchase of a State Park Pass and desire to visit all the parks in Texas.

It will help us keep track of our progress and also adorn our entry hall.

Yes, we opened it backwards.  A little anticlimactic for the camera.

Do the pins help you guess what this is?

A beautiful 40 x 40 fabric mounted on cork map of Texas.

We wanted it large to fill the wall space.

I think it does that just fine.

And now we can put in a pin every time we go to a new park.  We have a good start with Lost Maples and South Llano River State Park.

This will be a fun project for us to share for years, and also a great conversation piece in the front hall.  Happy Anniversary, Honey.