Saturday, September 1, 2012

Here's a Thought

Clean like you were moving.  Weird, hu?  Not really.

3 years ago (time flies), my husband and I decided to sell a house we loved and called home for 12 years to build a new one in the country.  I remember how much work it took to get it "show clean" for any buyers that may come through.  Luckily, we sold our house before it went on the market, so the stress of keeping it clean didn't last long, but as I am scrubbing floors and cleaning stoves and ovens today, I wonder why I let the "show clean" philosophy go.  Why have I settled for "clean enough for company that doesn't get passed the living room clean," or "clean enough for the husband and me because we aren't expecting company clean," or lately "not clean enough for anyone to see clean?" (You should be glad there are no before pictures in this post.)  My gosh, am I really that lazy busy?

Yes, I love my hobbies.  Yes, I love watching our favorite television shows with my husband in the evenings.  And yes, I really don't like to clean.  But a clean house is such a joy.  I don't mean the shoes are in the closet and the junk mail is in the recycling bin (that's not clean, it's just picked up).  I mean the carpet is vacuumed, the tile is mopped, the toilets and tubs sparkle, and the sunlight doesn't struggle to reach the indoors through dusty windows.  That is ahhhhhhh clean, moving clean, call the neighbors to dinner clean.

Here's another thought.  Why do we put off all those little chores like fixing the hole in the wall or replacing old caulk around the tub or getting rid of worn carpets?  Sure it costs money to do a lot of these things, but if you know you are going to need to do them in order to sell your home, why not do it now so you can reap the enjoyment of the money you have spent?

And all that stuff you collect over time that you are not really sure what to do with but are convinced you will need but really don't?  We call it clutter, and if you were putting your house on the market tomorrow you would throw it away?  So throw it away.

So there is my new philosophy (too late to be a new year's resolution).  Clean and upkeep like I am moving and I will never again be embarrassed if the UPS guy needs to step into my foyer to deliver a package.   Any thoughts?