Sunday, August 12, 2012

My New Garden

When I was in California I fell in love with succulent gardens (I Find I Have a Thing For Succulents).  It has been on my list to make one, but I have had a difficult time finding a pot.  I needed something shallow, big, and red.  While in Houston this weekend visiting the folks, I found what I was looking for at a local nursery:  shallow, big (17" diameter), and red.  The people even drilled a hole for drainage on request.  Once I got it home I could not wait to get it planted.

The hole was 1" wide so I used a plastic fork to cover it a little.

A coffee filter over that would keep the dirt from falling through.

Then some rocks from the yard to provide a little more drainage.  Succulents don't like their roots in water.

 Then some dirt for cactus that will drain well.

Now the fun part; time to plant.  I bought two dish gardens to plant from.  It was far less expensive this way.

I used an old plastic serving spoon to gently lift the plants out of their pots.

Then I rearranged them into my larger, prettier dish.


It was impossible to keep the dirt off the leaves, so I used a small paintbrush to gently whisk it off.

A few handfuls of small rocks to help hold the plants and the dirt in place make it a done deal.

I love the size for the table.

The the color is perfect.

There is a little room for the plants to expand as they grow, but it does not look sparse.

I like.  I like. I like.

There were a few leaves that fell off while I was transplanting, but I stuck them in the dirt of one of the pots to make a little nursery.  If they grow, they grow.

I do wish I had bought another dish while I was in Houston to use underneath to catch water.  At the time I assumed I would water the garden over the sink so It would drain well, but failed to consider how heavy it would be between the pottery and rocks.  Next time I am back I will probably pick one up.  For now, I have a piece of foil with a paper napkin on top under the drain hole.  It will be fine for now.