Monday, August 27, 2012

My First Egg Rolls

With Breck out of town on Sunday for Fantasy Football Draft, I found myself back in the kitchen.  This is not a bad thing for me.  I do like to cook, and it gave me an opportunity to do something new.  I gave egg rolls a shot.

I had some left over pork carnitas  from a meal a few days earlier that I thought might be good in an egg roll.  I started out with 3/4 Cup chopped cabbage, 1chopped green onion with greens, and 1 stalk of celery chopped including the leaves.  I microwaved this for 2 minutes uncovered.

Then I got my egg roll skins out the refrigerator.  I found these in the produce section of my HEB.

After the cabbage mixture had cooled slightly, I mixed it with my 1/2 pound of leftover pork (also chopped).  I also threw in a tsp of Soy Sauce and one of cooking sherry.

The egg roll skins were not as delicate as I thought they would be making them easy to work with.  I just scooped what I eye balled as a good serving size onto the sheet.

I folded in the two sides, then folded the flap closest to me over and rolled them shut.  A little water sealed the edge.

When I was done I had four pork egg rolls.

I still had more skins, so I rolled them with a slice of ham and Swiss cheese.  Won't these be good dipped in honey mustard?

I baked these for a healthier egg roll on a silicone mat, though parchment paper would have bee great too.

Lovely, aren't they?  400 degrees for about 14 minutes, turning halfway through.  Not pictured are veggie egg rolls I made to use up the last few wrappers I had.  Cabbage, carrot, celery, green onion, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, and rice vinegar.  I winged it.

I flash froze them so they would not stick together when packaged.  These will be great for work lunches.

I got on a roll and also put away two Rosemary Pot Roast bags.  So easy.

One went in the freezer, but one went into the crock pot before I left for work this morning.

And this is what I came home to.  Yum.

So nice.  I also made a basket of goodies for the other folks on my hall.  Just something fun to start the year.

I know you can't tell in the picture, but those are packs of Extra gum.  I love Pinterest.