Wednesday, August 1, 2012


So even though it was another hot day here in Texas, I felt the need to get back into the garage.  I got a lot done yesterday (Garage Part 1), but still had some work to do.

I started out by hitting the hardware store and picking up a track system to hang on the walls.  I bought 3 rails and they went up quickly.

I love that the hooks can be moved if we decide to add or get rid of some of our tools.

3rd and final rail in place.

Okay.  I do need to get the old leaves out of the rake.  Forgive me.

I love it when everything has its place.

So nice.

All that was left was to move the tractor.  Not something I wanted to try to do.  By the way, the table and golf clubs in the background were cleaned and stored after I took this picture.

As soon as Breck got home from work he pulled the tractor into position for me.  He loves his Cub Cadet (John Deere who?)

Now it's finished and I don't need to be embarrassed when company arrives and enters or exits through the garage.

Yes, Diane and Ed, you inspired this project.

Tomorrow I think I will find something indoors to take care of.