Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cookies: Good News, Bad News

Yesterday I was just in the mood.  The mood to bake cookies.  I was motivated, believe it or not, by the paint stirrers that I got when I picked up the chalkboard paint.

They are the perfect tool for getting cookie dough to an even thickness, and the nice lady had given me a few extra.

Yep, once I got them I knew exactly what kind of cookies I wanted to make . . .  Hamantaschen

I have had this recipe saved for some time.  Simple circles of dough filled with fruit or nuts.

The size of the circle is not a precise science.  I just used a drink cup.

I also used a jar of sour cherry jam I had in the pantry that was just begging to opened and tasted.

Cute, hu?

Love the look and the taste.

So far so good, right?  So why, you might ask, did I title this post Cookies: Good News, Bad News?  Well, there was a learning curve (that's one of two bad parts).  If the dough is too cold it breaks and the jam runs out.  If it is too warm it does not hold its shape while filling and looks messy.  The good part is that they taste wonderful.  The dough is not very sweet, but is perfect with the jam.  Breck loves them as a breakfast cookie with his coffee.  That leads me to the other bad part.  He has declared them one of his favorite cookies ever. That means I will be making them again, but hopefully the dough will be more cooperative next time and less frustrating.  Sorry, I didn't get any pictures of the failures.