Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chalk Board Update

I have been remiss in not doing a final post on my Chalk Board Pantry door.

I love it and am so glad I did it.  We use it all time for lots of things, but currently it has our go to "we-want-something-sweet" dessert for one.  Of course as soon as we have this memorized (yep, it's gonna happen) I'm sure we will put up something else.  Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie

We also now have a great way to keep track of things we need at the store.  You can see we have fun with that.

And my sewing room?

I have been spending some time in there lately.  The design wall is filling up with my Dear Jane blocks.

I love seeing them sewn together in rows.  They look a little yellow since I took the pictures at night under artificial light.

My goal was to have 112 complete by the end of August and am currently on number 109 with three days and three blocks to go.  I bet you can guess what I'll be doing after work this week.