Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Water Experiment

I have really been trying to learn more about my camera, getting off auto mode and controlling more of the features.  Today I really wanted to experiment with the shutter speed.  Water and cars at night are perfect for slowing down the shutter.  As long as you have a nice, steady surface to put your camera on, the stationary features of your picture stay crisp, while the moving ones blur.  The longer your shutter is open, the blurrier it gets.

1/3 of a second
Water rushing in as high tide begins
1/2 of a second
Love the misty look  because of the water rising and falling
The day was very overcast so the water and sky just fade together.  I wonder how these shots would look in the sunlight?

1/3 of a second
1/4 of a second
1/5 of a second
The water here is trying to go out and come in at the same time
These last two are much more detailed.  Look at the shutter speed (amount of time the shutter is open to absorb information) difference.

1/250  of a second
1/250 of a second
I had a lot of fun with this.  Nice to have moving water to work with.