Thursday, July 26, 2012

Veterans Park and Grandoggie Sitting

I unexpectedly am taking care of my grandoggie Pockets for the day.  What to do to take care of all his energy? I opted for the park and a nice walk before it got too hot.  He wasn't too sure what was going on when we got in the car.

But the drive was a short one so he didn't need to wait long.

I admit I was a bit unprepared for walking a large dog.  All I could find was this tiny little leash left from when I had a Pomeranian many years ago.  I hoped Pockets would not try and test its strength.

Funny, once we got on the trail he had a hard time.  He seemed timid.

Look at him.  He dug in his heals and was determined not to take another step.

Silly puppy.  He was spooked by the Civil War Veteran's Memorial.

Even after I got him close enough to sniff, he still watched it with a wary eye.

The rest of the statues in the park did not bother him.  Strange.

Statues in tribute to the various wars fought by our countrymen and women.
The walk was a pretty one.  Lots of shady spots to keep cool.

Two things of interest I want to share with you.  One is from the memorial for fallen heroes.

This memorial was surrounded by flags that really touched me with the sound they made in the strong breeze. I have heard flags in the wind before, but so many flags in such a quiet somber setting was somehow different.

It struck me with sadness that so many walls in this memorial were left bare, leaving room for future names that would need to be recorded.

The second thing I wanted to share was that we have a memorial here to the War on Terror.

At its center is a remnant of twisted steel from one of the two towers that collapsed in the attack of 9/11.

For the second time in a month, I was in awe, able to touch a piece of history (Best Photo Experience Ever).  Meanwhile, Pockets smelled everything he could lay his nose on.

I guess the park was a good idea for getting him some exercise.  Just look at him now.

Passed out and snoring.

, Put it on your College Station, Texas bucket list.
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