Sunday, July 1, 2012

Three New Projects - Super Cute

Over the past few days I have been assembling my traveling sewing kit.  You may remember that my friend Andrea gave me a cute little tin to keep my stuff in (A Day With Friends).  I have decided to coordinate all my things so it looks extra cute.  Cute is important.

Project #1 - Liner

I picked two fat quarters that matched the style and color of the tin.  A fat quarter is 1/2 of yard that is not cut from salvage to salvage, but crosswise to make a 1/4 yard.  It measures 22 x 18 inches.

I used one with a piece of Timtex to make the bottom to size.

Then I cut 4 pieces of Timtex to make each of the 4 sides, using the other piece of fabric to cover them.  I sewed that print into a long strip, twice the width plus an extra inch for seams.  Then I laid the Timtex on top leaving 1/8' between pieces.

Before I went any further, I checked to make sure it was going to fit.

I stitched a simple running stitch in the 1/8" gap I had left so the sides would stay in position when I was finished.

All that was left was to sew the sides to the bottom and slip it into the tin.  Cute, huh?

Project #2 - Thread Catcher

A thread catcher is the perfect place to put your trimmed threads or clipped corners so you leave your area clean.  Great for when you are at a friend's or just in your own living room.

I got the pattern from Needling Things.  She has a great tutorial that is sew so easy to follow.  I think this took me 20 maybe 30 minutes tops.

Project #3 - Sewing Glasses Case

I have a pair of glasses that I use for sewing and they came with a case.  The case was fine, worked well, perfectly functional, but it didn't match the cute stuff I am gathering.  So I took it apart to make a template for something better, and picked 2 more fabrics.  I saved the foam from this case to use to fill the new one. I cut an outside and inside piece (reversing the template for one) 1/4" larger on all sides.

I pinned them together with right sides together and sewed a 1/4" seam all the way around leaving a 3" opening at the bottom for turning.

To reduce the bulk, I trimmed the seam to 1/8" except for where I left it open for turning.

I turned it right side out and tucked my foam template inside.  Tip: I find using a crochet hook to poke the corners works well (and also helped to position the foam).  I do this when I make pillows.

I didn't bother to hand whip the opening closed;  just 3 pins to hold it in place.

Top stitching goes around the outer edge to give it form and close the opening.

I then folded it in half and ran a stitch around the outside to finish the case.  Now it matches my other goodies.

They look great together, right?

I still have a few more pieces I'd like to make.  One piece is something to keep my blocks flat and together.  I am thinking something like an accordion folder or soft book made of felt with a tie.  I'll let you know when I work it all out.