Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Red Bull and XM Radio

What a day yesterday was.  I started out early leaving Idaho Falls, Idaho (went there after leaving California to spend time with my son and his wife) at 7AM Central Time (6AM in Idaho).  I really enjoyed my time with Trevor and Regan, but it was time to get home.  I have been gone a long time (14 days).  Trevor had told me they have beautiful sunsets, but I was treated with an amazing sunrise to start my trip.

Idaho Falls, Idaho from I-15 south
I even stopped the car on the side of the highway to get the shot, which is not normal for me.  I like to get where I am going and generally pass these opportunities and regret the decision later.

There were a few traffic snags along the way.  Wyoming had a road shut down for 2 miles one way only.  They had a stoplight and lots of workers making everyone take turns.  Luckily I had my XM radio and a bunch of sheep to keep me entertained for the 10 minute wait.

This was not the worst traffic I encountered.  Outside Denver I was stuck in a jam that lasted more than 45 minutes.  Something happened and the highway was shut down completely south bound (no feeder roads here) and everyone had to exit and work a maze of roads to get around the closure.  That itself took 20 minutes to get through.

I did have rain along the way to slow me down a little.  One storm near Campo, Colorado treated me to this rainbow before I was forced to drive 35 in driving rain.

Shortly after this I had my first and biggest photo regret moment.  I was so ready to be moving at a normal speed again,I couldn't bring myself to stop and take the shot, so let me paint you a picture.  There was an old homestead built of stone and a small outbuilding with crumbled roofs, doors, and windows.  The glass was broken in places, but remained in others.  There was a working windmill in the front of the house with a split rail fence mostly in pieces.  Easily 100 years old.  No electric wires were strung to the home anywhere so it had been abandoned for some time, I presume.  Now here is what made this a "I never should have driven by and not taken the photo" moment.  Behind this fabulous old site were dozens of new electricity producing windmills.  The sun was setting behind them so there was good color in the sky and the red lights warning airplanes were clearly visible.  You know the kind?  What a contrast between the old and the new.  If you have never seen these mammoths, here is an example of some I photographed in Arizona.

Just to let you know . . . I didn't stop for this shot either.  It was taken through my windshield at 80 mph.  Yes, 80.  But it was okay to go 80.

After I made it through the rain and 5 Red Bulls, I just wasn't in the mood to stop.  So I didn't.  One last tank of gas and two more Red Bulls for the road.

1,580 miles
5 gas station stops
53.4 gallons of gas
24 hours, 45 minutes
63.8 miles per hour average
2 rainstorms
7 Red Bulls
and 2 amazing sunrises

Hearne, Texas from TX 6
If it was not for the Red Bull and the XM radio I never would have driven straight through.  I was amazed, but Rewind 25 never repeated a song during my drive so I never got bored.

Now that all the vacationing is behind me, I will be getting back to my other hobbies.  We have company coming in this weekend so there will be cooking, and I need to scan my finished Dear Jane blocks.  I have a few other things in my head, but I'll share those another day.  Thanks for sticking with me over these inconstant last few weeks.