Thursday, July 5, 2012


I took a lot of photos yesterday on our trip through west Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.  The scenery was amazing and there were storms in the mountains that were stunning.  However, I we got in to our hotel so late I knew I would not have time to download them before I totally passed out for the night, so I left the camera in the car.  Bad move.

This morning my husband and son went to play Frisbee golf before we hit the road again for California.  Do you see the problem?  I stayed behind thinking I would download the photos and make a blog post for the day.  Didn't happen.  Then I thought, "that's okay, I'll get some sewing done."  Nope.  Kit is in the car too.  The quick thinking woman that I am rushed to my cell phone to call they guys before they made it too far down the street so I could retrieve my entertainment.  Cell phone battery . . . dead.  Can you believe it?

What to do, what to do.  I got my Kindle, which was fully charged and loaded with new book (does anybody else enjoy the Scot Harvath series?) and hit the workout room.  An hour on the treadmill and one nice shower later, I have my feet up in my room with the AC blasting, waiting for the guys.

Guys just walked in. Great timing.  Now we are off for Laguna Beach.