Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lunch with Dear Jane

Today while the guys hit the beach for paddle ball, bocce, and Frisbee, I hit the roof of our hotel for lunch and a little Dear Jane sewing.

The view from my table was awesome.  I could even see the guys from where I sat.

It wasn't sunset, but I did order a Sangria.

Lots of berries in their recipe.  Sorry for all the angle shots.  I was trying to look casual.  Eating alone was already awkward.

I brought my travel kit to the roof.

Here is the block I am working on now.

And a couple I have finished.

When the salad came it all got put away.  It was so yummy.

Blue cheese, dried cranberries and nuts.

The view to the mountains was a stunner also.

These guys on the roof kept the seagulls away.

But what are these guys on the roof across the street doing?

Later in the day we walked into town to the candy store, and were in time to catch the sunset.  Some guys were just finishing up a soccer game on the public lawn.

Not a bad day.