Monday, July 23, 2012

Doors as Art and JPEG Lesson Learned

When Breck and I were in Gonzales this past weekend (Antiques and Pie), we picked up a couple old Mexican doors we could not resist.  We knew they would look great in our breakfast room.  Here is where I want to hang them.

It felt good to be right.  First they needed a little work to get them ready to hang; like getting rid of the dimension marking the shop made.

600 grit sandpaper is so fine that it removed the markings without leaving any scratches in the wood.  The wax would be the perfect finish after the wood was taken care of.

I sanded the wood lightly and used a tack cloth to remove the residue left behind.  I wore gloves not to protect my skin, but to keep any oils on my fingers from soaking into the wood.

Once the surface was ready I got into the wax and began applying it in small circles.

Here you can see the way the wax really mades the wood come alive.  I did just this bottom corner so you can see the difference.

One door down (the one on top) and one to go.

Once I had them waxed front and back, I attached hanging brackets.  I struggled with this decision since it meant putting holes in the wood, but decided they would never be used as doors again so it was okay.

While marking the wall for my drill holes, I spied this guy in the backyard.  After looking in my bird book, I think he must have been a road runner.  Strange to me to see him in a wooded area and not the deserts of west Texas.  Excuse the quality, it was taken with a short lens, through my window, and to the far side of the yard.

I forgot to tell you about the hardware I also picked up for the doors from the antique store.  Love these guys.

Now the doors are hung and I could not be happier.  What do you think?

I love the new texture and color they add to the space.

Now for a quick tip. I discovered unexpectedly that I should be ordering my pictures using not the JPEG format, but PNG instead.  PNG gives you many more pixels and a better quality.

Top PNG and bottom JPEG
 You can really tell a difference.

Top PNG and bottom JPEG
I am really glad that I reordered these prints that I used in a photo gallery in the hall.  They look so much better now.