Saturday, July 7, 2012

Beach Day

Yesterday was spent at the beach outside our hotel.  The view is stunning.

It is, however, a long walk down.

The color of the water was so beautiful.

The tropical flowers grow out of the cliffs that border the beach.

I didn't wander far, but I did find a tide pool close by.

My son took advantage of the beach to get in some exercise.

He, Breck, and Breck's father (Tig) also spent some time throwing the Frisbee around.  Should have had my tripod for this shot.  I was standing on the rocks of the tide pool trying to keep my camera dry and keep a steady balance.  That is my husband on the rock.  I am sure there were rules to this game.

I am SURE that there will be at least one more opportunity for me to get a better shot of this.  And what would a trip to the beach be with out a seagull picture.

Today I'll spend some time in town and take a day off from the beach.  I am looking forward to finding some larger tide pools.  Maybe the locals can help me out with that.