Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wildflower Gallery

After the hours I spent in front of my sewing machine yesterday, I was happy to take a day to do something different.  I have had the picture frames for a photo gallery by the master bedroom stacked in the hall for a few weeks now, and decided it was time to get that job done.

After going through my computer picture files, I narrowed my flower shots down to thirteen I thought might work.  I sent the files off by email to Ritz camera and knew they would be ready for pick-up in a few hours.  While I waited, I hung the frames.

I started out by laying the frames on my kitchen counter to get the placement the way I wanted.

I taped 2 pieces of waxed paper together, large enough to lay over the frames, to make a stencil.  After taping the waxed paper to the frames, I used a pen to poke a hole where I need to place a nail.  Can you see the clip through the paper?

With a pen I marked the top edge of the frame and will use this mark to level the stencil on the wall.

I turned my stencil over, so the side that was up when I made my marks is now against the wall, and taped the waxed paper centered horizontally.

With the holes already marked, I just located them in the paper and tapped in a few nails.

All that was left was to peel the paper off the wall and hang the frames.

Perfect.  No extra nail holes from being "off" on my placement.  I then headed to town to pick up my pictures.   How to choose.

Eventually I figured it out.

I like it.

                                               Before                                                    After

One more gallery completed.  Feeling good about my progress so far this summer.  I do still have my two big projects ahead; the deck and the bar in the game room.