Saturday, June 16, 2012

Runners for the Dining Room

I just can't seem to stick to my Summer Project List.  The dining room, ever since moving the pictures to my bedroom, has been calling to me.  Today I got an idea to make a pair of runners for the table.  I started out with plain white fabric and some burlap (50% off at Joann's).  I also pulled out my black embroidery thread in case I found a use for it.

I tested out how it would look on the table by pulling out my glasses and dishes.

I decided on 17" wide on the white, and 10" on the burlap.

Then I measured my table so I could make my cuts.

                                                Length                                                Width

After I cut my fabric to size, I folded over and pressed a 1" hem.  I mitered the corners as well.

I cut another piece of the same fabric, just a little smaller to line the back and make it less see through.

I brought it to the dining room table since it is the perfect large surface for pinning.

It was easier to keep the fabric flat and even once I clamped one end to the table pads.

Once it was all pinned and the raw edges of the lining were tucked in, I ran a stitch around the outside to finish  it off.

Time to move on to the burlap.  Once I measured it to size, I pulled a thread to mark my cut lines.

You can see the cut lines so much easier this way.

I finished the edges with a simple zig zag stitch.

What to do you think?

I love the layers and my dishes fit just the way I wanted them too.

The dinning room is really coming together.  I need something black for the center piece and maybe some black napkins.

Do you remember what it used to look like first with it's blank walls?

Then with the pictures added.

Then the drapes.

And now add the table linen . . . and one more framed magazine cover to balance the walls.

Heading into the home stretch.  A few more decorative touches and this room will be done.  And I still have not ruled out using the embroidery thread somehow.