Saturday, June 23, 2012

One More Chore To Check Off My List

I could write a week's worth of posts just from my day yesterday.  I was all over the map with activities and photographs.  Before I headed out to the yard work, (after coffee, of course) I put a roast in the crock pot.  The weather was nice for planting, and Breck and I had picked up 31 new plants to add to the front landscaping the night before.

But check out these plants.  We wanted flowering perennials so we could have the wonderful blooms, but I wouldn't need to replant every year.

We also wanted to start a succulent garden in a rocky area, but didn't want to commit to the idea until we had tested out a few plants in the space to see if they would survive the all day sun and heat.

We did pick up a few annuals.  What the heck, right?

The planting went well, but took much longer than I had expected.  First off, I broke my little hand trowel.  I thought about grabbing a serving spoon from my kitchen . . . don't worry . . . I didn't.  It did leave me using a big shovel which just didn't work as well.  Then I got distracted by the perfect morning light which showed off the spiderwebs.

If it had not been for the angle of the sunlight and water from the sprinkler I don't think I would have seen this.  You can see the shadow left by the water drops in the bottom left, and the wispy, lace like tendrils of the web.  How cool is that!

    Then I spied this guy.

The lighting has to be just right to see these webs.  Look at this shot from another angle of the same web.  Not nearly as visible.

I also stopped to refill the bird feeder.  It took them awhile, but the birds got used to me working so close and came cautiously to the feeder anyway.  No pictures, sorry.  My hands were filthy by this point, but so worth it.  And you can tell from the long shadows that it didn't take too long into the day.  I did get an early start.

The "after" pictures will be much better when the plants get more established.

I confess that I did not plant the succulents.  It got hot and I had company coming.  When I went back in the house, the roast smelled amazing.  I love my crock pot.  I'll tell you more about our meal and the gluten free cake I made.  Hint, it was wonderful and I'll make it again.