Tuesday, June 5, 2012

One Gallery Down

I didn't want to waste any time getting started on my summer project list, so I jumped in and got started.  The first to be checked off my list was my master bedroom.

The before pictures are quite embarrassing, boring, and have no personality.  The after shots are a bit different.  I started out gathering the pictures I wanted to hang (after I made the bed and vacuumed the carpet, of course).

Then I cleaned my camera lens.  Obviously I had left it without the lens cap and picked up a lot of dust.  Sorry about that.  Once I got back on track, I sorted out the pictures and where I wanted to hang them, grabbed my tools and did the math so they would all hang with the tops the same height; 74" from the floor

I decide to hang the 5 pictures in 3 different spots beginning with the open space over the dresser.

Two would go between the bathroom door and the window and the remaining painting on the other side of the window.

The paintings were done by my grandmother and make a wonderful collection.

I couldn't be happier with the results.  I do see I need some bigger lamps, though.  Another project?

I am glad I went for consistent height, but skipped the symmetry.  I am not a symmetry person.

Much more welcoming through the door, don't you think?

They work perfectly with the two pictures I had hung last year on either side of my dresser.  Same height.

Love it.

I am also making progress on the gallery for the hallway.  The pictures were picked and printed and are waiting on me to get to town to pick up the frames.  More on that later.  Check my Dear Jane Experience and you will find I have made 4/42 blocks I want to get done.  So far so good.