Saturday, June 2, 2012

Gallery Work Begins

Every project must start with organization.  Case in point: my photo galleries.  While sipping coffee, I thought I would start to choose my themes and photo.  After poking around my random jumble of files I found I needed to figure out where I have been putting everything for the last 20 months.  I had files named for dates, events, subjects, and some where just floating in places they did not belong.  Boy did I have a big job ahead of me.

I poured another cup of coffee, and switched from casual sipping to let's-get-down-to-work gulping.  After doing a search for all my .jpeg files I found I had 7986 files.  What the heck!   Have I really been that prolific!  The answer is "almost." Some were downloaded pictures I had shared in emails and facebook posts.  But that accounted for maybe 1%.

I now have a system; files that have an organization I can work with.  Everything is in its place and ready to go through Round 2 of organizing: deleting blurred and unusable photos.  After this I can begin to pick the pictures I want to use.  I'm thinking some of my wildflower pictures will make one wall

Then I know I want to use some fog ones as well.

After that . . . who knows.  I still have 2 galleries to decide on themes. Birds, butterflies, bees?