Wednesday, June 13, 2012

After the Storm

When I took the "after" pictures of the dining room yesterday I told you the sky was dark and it was beginning to rain.  Boy did we get it.  60-70mph winds came through and it was quite amazing.  This morning I took a walk around the yard to see what clean-up needed to be done.

Small branches on the driveway.

Larger ones on the walkway.

Then I saw this.

Step back a little.

One of our big trees in the front yard came down.

Sadly, it was a healthy tree with lots of new growth this spring.  Alas.  Breck sure has his work cut out for him.  I guess I'll get gas for the chainsaw while I'm in town.

The heavy rain did leave some wonderful puddles in the back yard.  Love the reflection in this one.

More branches down in the back, but they were dead ones, and the trees are okay.

If I had not been inspecting the storm damage, I would not have spotted this lovely wild flower.

 I also got a better look at a tree Breck felled this past weekend and cut into logs.  It obviously needed to come down after seeing that there was nothing left of the inside.

Looks like an owl had called it home recently.

Love the water and leaves pooling in this one.  Again, the great reflection on the water.

When I get out today to go to town I'll get a better look at the neighborhood and see if our neighbors came out okay.