Saturday, May 19, 2012

Butterflies and Bees

Today was all about yard work.  There are always plenty of outdoor projects to do (pulling down vines, killing back the poison ivy, thinning the yupon, cutting up dead branches, you get the idea), but they are especially pleasant chores when the weather is as nice as it is today.  Blue sky, low humidity, light cool breezes . . . perfect.    While working in the garden I could not help but notice how much the Vitex tree Breck and I pruned last winter has grown.  It is now full of sweet scented lavendar blooms.

The honey bees love it.

And the bumble bees.  Love them.

I love that I lucked into catching these two in flight.

And how about these amazing butterflies?  They are so big and beautiful

I don't know anything about butterflies, but these guys make me want to learn.  Do any of you know what they are called?