Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Enchiladas de Pollo Blanco or White Chicken Enchiladas

Rotisserie chicken was on sale this week so I picked a couple up for dinners.  Yesterday we had chicken salad, but I wanted to do something different tonight.  After peeking around the Internet I decided on White Chicken Enchiladas from Tasty Kitchen.

The first thing to do was cook the corn tortillas.  I have been on a big "HEB brand" kick lately.  Less money and most times it tastes better.  Do I sound like a commercial?

I chopped the onion and jalapeno.  I was nervous putting in the pepper, worried it would be too spicy, but it was perfect.

I love the smell of sauteing onion (jalapeno and green chilies).

And here is the rotisserie chicken I talked about; all chopped and ready.

This made a great filling for the enchiladas.  Sorry about the shadow.  Not my best photo, but you try holding a warm tortilla filled with piping hot filling while trying to take a photo without dripping anything on the floor.

Now that they were all rolled and in a pan, I needed to make the white sour cream sauce.

Melted butter and flour just looks good, so I took a picture.

And it makes a great thick base for a white sauce.

A little sour cream, paprika, Monterrey Jack cheese, and chicken broth and its ready to pour over my yummy enchiladas.  First, a little more Monterrey Jack on top.

Then my sauce.

In the oven.

Oh my!

All bubbly and yummy.  I wish I had taken this picture before it began to cool so you could see it simmering.

And on my plate with Spanish rice . . .  yea . . . awesome.

I did make another pan to freeze, but tore the tortillas to make more of a casserole.  Also, the recipe called for cilantro, but I passed.  Not a fan.